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Kenzie McCallan Honored at the 27th Annual Sioux City Art Center 


2016 marks the 27th year the Sioux City Art Center has coordinated a juried youth art exhibit. The focus this year, was on Siouxland area high school students in grades 9-12. Each art teacher was encouraged to submit artwork for the jurying process. John Bowitz, Professor Emeritus in the Art Department at Morningside College in Sioux City, judged the artwork on originality, creativity, and an expressive response to the subject matter and/or media. A total of 440 2-D and 3-D art pieces were submitted, with only 61 (or 14%) of the submissions chosen for the exhibition.

Gehlen Catholic is proud to announce senior Kenzie McCallan’s painting entitled “FEAR” was accepted for the show and also received Honorable Mention honors at the 12th grade level. Kenzie is the daughter of Alfred McCallan and Brenda McCallan of LeMars. Kenzie’s submission is an acrylic/mixed media canvas painting, approximately 19” x 25”.

She utilized several acrylic painting techniques, layering color upon color to create depth. Kenzie embedded cardboard, caulk, tissue paper, pencil, charcoal and more to create actual and implied texture. The finished painting emulates the layers people experience when “you get that sinking feeling that accompanies fear,” Kenzie commented.  

Gehlen Catholic K-12 Art Instructor, Mrs. Beth Schlichte, stated, “The juried youth art exhibition is a high caliber competition, so I do not submit student work unless I feel it is worthy.” Due to the quality of Kenzie’s work this year, Mrs. Schlichte did submit four of her pieces. Mrs. Schlichte stated that Kenzie has a vision and a willingness to try things many students are reluctant to do; couple all this with her “no fear” attitude makes Kenzie’s artwork stand out among the rest. Kenzie attributes her mother’s and Mrs. Schlichte’s encouragement and support as part of the reason she chose to participate in the art show, and it gave her a chance to explore new art techniques.

Kenzie also credited the LeMars Youth on Main Street (YOMS) program, especially the Alley Art Project, to enhance her painting techniques and explore new endeavors. Mrs. Schlichte concurred with Kenzie that YOMS had a significant impact on motivating Kenzie to be actively engaged in the community and creatively try new things. Mrs. Schlichte added, Kenzie “received Honorable Mention (a placing). Not all the selected works received a placing.” Mrs. Schlichte was excited when the Sioux City Art Center selected Kenzie’s work and bestowed the Honorable Mention (placing) on her submissionMrs. Schlichte concluded, “Kenzie has really been blossoming.”

Kenzie McCallan--2016 Ice Cream Days Logo Winner

Even though winter is just beginning, bringing cold and snow with it, the Gehlen Catholic art students were recently thinking more about summer and sun and ice cream! Each high school art student was put to the challenge of creating a new logo for the annual Ice Cream Days summer celebration. The Le Mars Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors a contest each year to select a new logo which complements their marketing and promotional efforts for the event. The only specifications are that the design must clearly and boldly relay the event name Ice Cream Days, the event dates June 15-18, 2016, and that the color scheme be limited to three colors. The students were encouraged to use ‘ice cream related colors’ to promote the celebration. 

Many unique and colorful designs were submitted by Gehlen Catholic and Le Mars Community students by November 28, the contest deadline. The Ice Cream Days Planning Committee met and selected the new logo at their December meeting, several months before the event would actually take place.  Kenzie McCallan, a Gehlen Catholic senior and daughter of Alfred McCallan and Brenda McCallan, was declared the winner.

Kenzie's inspiration came from her favorite Wells Blue Bunny treat---the orange dreamsicle; she thought it would be a ‘cool’ logo design. She complimented the dreamsicle with additional orange and purple graphics to articulate the fun and vibrant activities of Ice Cream Days. Of all the Ice Cream Day's festivities, the parade is Kenzie's favorite, as she loves to watch it and see all of the great events and activities in LeMars and the surrounding area. Kenzie relayed, “I have never been in the parade, so I am excited to be a participant this year. I hope residents and visitors to LeMars next summer will have fun and enjoy all of the Ice Cream Days activities.”

The official 2016 Ice Cream Days logo will be released to the public by March and will be featured on event t-shirts and other marketing and promotional materials. Kenzie will receive a free t-shirt, along with ice cream related gifts from the committee and will ride in the parade on Saturday, June 18, 2016 as the logo designer. The 2016 Ice Cream Days event marks the 30th year of the summer celebration.

Congratulations, Kenzie---we are so proud of you!!



Gehlen Catholic Art Students Celebrate "Poppy Day"

Poppy poster winners
Poppy Day-- -
a day designated to honor the men and women who have served/are serving in the United States armed forces and fought so vigorously to keep our country freea day to pay special tribute to the red, the white and the bluea day we thank God for all of the freedoms with which we are so truly blessed.

Since 1921 the poppy has been the memorial flower of the American Legion Auxiliary. It was on the French battlefields that many poppies bloomed; it was here that it became a symbol of the tragedy of war and renewal of life following World War I. The red on the flower stands for courage and the green leaves remind us of the torn bodies. It was in the early 1920’s that the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars began selling poppies for the benefit of disabled and needy veterans. 

Poppy Week is usually observed as the week that ends on the Saturday before Memorial Day. However, Gehlen Catholic 6 th grade students learned about it earlier in the year as part of a unit on good poster design. In art class, they created posters to enter into the annual Le Mars American Legion Auxiliary Post #241 Poppy Poster Contest. The students were glad to show their support and express their gratitude to all veterans for the sacrifices they made and continue to make for our country.

The Legion Auxiliary members judged the 6 th grade posters using the following criteria: poster appeal (layout, message, and originality), artistic ability (design and color) and neatness. A total of 27 posters enteredwere  from Gehlen Catholic. Congratulations to the following winners from this year’s local contest: 

1st Josie Scheitler
Daughter of Toby and Mindy Scheitler
Tessa Ellensohn
Daughter of Eric and Nicki Ellensohn
2nd Corra Yockey
Daughter of Robert and Sharon Yockey
Addison Arens
Daughter of Jeff and Jackie Arens
3rd Leah Langel
Daughter of Mick and Tami Langel
Jasmine Lubben
Daughter of Daniel Lubben and Michelle Lubben

Josie’s poster received overall winner and will compete at the district contest in April. In May, many of the windows in the Le Mars business district will be decorated with these patriotic poppy posters. This is just a small way these young artists can pay tribute to our brave veterans.

Josie Scheitler Receives Top Honors in the Iowa
American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Poster Contest

Poppy Poster winner 
Josie Scheitler, the 7th grade daughter of Toby and Mindy Scheitler, was recently
honored with first place in Class III in the Iowa Poppy Poster Contest (Class III
consists of students in grades 6 and 7). She initially created the poster for the Le
Mars American Legion Auxiliary Unit #241 local contest where she won first place.
The poster went on to win the District 9NW contest which is comprised of 13
counties in the state of Iowa and then won the state of Iowa contest in her age
Josie created her poster in her 6th grade art class. She depicted a military
cemetery at sunrise adorned with poppies and the battlefield cross (an arrangement
of a soldier’s boots, rifle, and helmet which is erected to show respect for fallen
servicemen). The slogan “Fallen But Not Forgotten” is neatly written near the top.
Scheitler stated, “Patriotism is important to my family & me. We should be proud
of this great country we live in. I wanted to honor our veterans for risking their
lives by fighting for the freedom I have today.”
Josie’s parents are also proud of the efforts she put in her poster. Mindy
commented, “We are happy her efforts were recognized. More importantly, we are
proud she was willing to put in the time & effort as a display of respect for our
veterans.  We hope she carries that respect & love for her country with her as she
The Le Mars American Legion Auxiliary Unit #241 sponsors the contest every year.
Mrs. Beth Tanhoff, American Legion Auxiliary President, stated, “Josie's poppy
poster evokes the symbol of the sacrifices made by Americans and allies around the
world. Today, almost a century later, the poppy remains a symbol of honor.”
Mrs. Cathy Popp is the poppy poster chairperson and Mrs. Beth (Langel, ‘78)
Schlichte is the Gehlen Catholic Art Instructor.



"Inspired By" Banner Art Contest


We are all inspired by something, someone, or some place in our livesso what inspires you? That was the question Mrs. Schlichte posed to the high school art students. Each student brainstormed ideas and came up with sketches of things that inspire them, and through a process of elimination, each decided on one to create on an 11 x 17” horizontal piece of paper. The decision of which media to use came next---paint or paper, pencil or crayon, ink or marker. Then students 'went to town' on their designs, each creating u

nique and interesting ways to fill the space. When finished, each poster was entered into the "Inspired By" banner art contest sponsored by the Le Mars Art Center, along with Old School Signs. 

The contest was open to people of all ages, not just students. There were a total of 43 entries that were put into six age categories. Two independent judges and the Le Mars Arts Council board members judged the entries on "how the piece would look on the banner, color was taken into consideration, and what was appealing to the eye," according to Judy Marienau, Art Center director. The judges also read the "Inspired By" state

ments submitted by the artists. Gehlen Catholic students received top honors in each category. Contest winners include TJ Kruse, 12th grade (son of Tim and Sherry Kruse), Cady McCallan, 11th grade (daughter of Alfred McCallan and Brenda McCallan), Daniel Rosenhauer, 10th grade (host son of Jeff and Jill Hansen), Wesley Li, 9th grade (host son of Nick Merrill and Patty DeVoss), Addison Arens, 5th grade (daughter of Jeff and Jackie Arens), and Maile Narkon, 2nd grade (daughter of Mark and Tara Narkon). "Oh my gosh, yes, it [judging]was really hard to decide!" exclaimed Marienau. "All of the entries were very inspiring, which made the judging extremely difficult."

The six winning entries will be featured on a large banner outside the Le Mars Arts Center, with three pieces on each side along with the artist's name and age. In addition, a smaller banner will be made for inside the Arts Center, which will feature the other entries in the contest. "It's amazing how good the artists are out there," stated Marienau. "We look forward to hosting this contest again next year. It was a lot of fun to see the different things that everyone was inspired by." 

The banner will be used for the next year with the artwork also showing up on social media and other promotional pieces for the Le Mars Art Center.


Youth on Main Street 

Youth on Main Street is sponsored by the Le Mars Chamber of Commerce Main Street program and the City of Le Mars Historic Preservation Commission.

Mission Statement: The mission of Youth on Main Street is to inspire and develop young citizens of the Le Mars area to be informed leaders committed to utilizing talents, diversity and creativity for the betterment of our community.

Goal: The goal is to educate, inform and empower the students about downtown Le Mars, the business community and its history and architecture. Each year's group will be expected to complete one tangible project in the downtown that will enhance the community.

Program Description:

Time commitment:

Once a month, from September to May, the group will meet for two hours at the Le Mars Chamber office for educational presentations, site visits or perform hands-on work in downtown.


Adult Coordinators: Rich Ziettlow and Becky Klohs

Code of Conduct:

Dress code: Wear attire appropriate to the activity.


Participants are strongly encouraged to attend every session. Two unexcused absences results in termination from the program. It is the participant's responsibility to inform the adult supervisors if they wilt be absent from an activity.



Youth on Main Street Celebration Spring 2016

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