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We wish to thank the following individuals and/or businesses for their contributions received after February 9, 2016, other than the Capital Campaign, Alumni Appeal, and/or Business Club. If your name has been inadvertently misprinted or omitted in this report, please contact the Development Office via mail at 709 Plymouth Street NE, LeMars, IA 51031; via phone at 712.546.4181; or via email at

In loving memory of Frank Nuebel ('78) by Bernard and Bonnie Zelasney 

In loving memory of Roy G. ('65) and Martha ('69) Sitzmann by their family and friends 

In loving memory of Clayton Francis Freking ('41) by: 

  • Arthur and Mary Beth Eggers 
  • Duane Freking 
  • Gerald and Mrs. Gerald Barry

In loving memory of Lillian Heuertz by Gary and Collette Heyarh 

In loving memory of Mary Ann Freking by Mark and Bernice Kooopman 

In loving memory of Robert Ahlers ('45) by:

  • Helen Flaherty 
  • Casey and Christy Peterson 
  • Charles and Beth Peters 
  • The Lehmann Family
  • Tom and Kathy Langel

In loving memory of Helen Kilker by

  • Tom and Deb Loutsch 
  • Bob and Doris Gengler 
  • The Kabberman's 
  • Ray Langel 
  • Rose Krier 
  • Marline Gallardo 
  • Paul and Lisa Niebuhr
  • Dennis and Patti Bollin

In loving memory of Phyllis Schroeder by Lyle Schroeder 

In loving memory of Mildred Meister by Mary Ann Ruether

In loving memory of Richard Jauer by: 

  • Ted and Betty Sitzmann 
  • Larry and Sue Gengler 
  • Larry and Dorthy Ruhland 
AgPartners, L.L.C. & Land O'Lakes Foundation - LocalMotion Grant
Farm Credit Services of America - Working Here Fund for Agriculture
In loving memory of Mary Alice Campbell by her family & friends
In loving memory of Donna Arens by
  • Danielle Heissel
  • Chuck and Kay Kellen
  • Eunice Lehner
  • Jeremy and Jackie Sitzmann
  • Gene and Lorie Nussbaum
  • Don Neubrand
  • Chuck and Beth Peters 
  • Vi Kellen
  • Margie Livermore 

In honor of Fr. Patrick Behm by Lorie and Gene Nussbaum

Doug Harpenau

In loving memory of Dorothy Ehrp by Paul and Lisa Niebuhr

In loving memory of Paul Kurth'(47) by:

  • Jack & LaVone Holton 
  • Theresa Reuter 
  • Jim & Margie Moir 

In loving memory of Josh Sitzmann '(92) by:

  • Kari Pratt 
  • Jason Konz
  • Angie Meister 
  • Julie Nemmers-Stock
  • Julie Huckaby 
  • Kellie Kautz-Dreckman 
  • Jen Kurth 

In loving memory of Arlene Galles by Bill and Beth Schlichte

In loving memory of John Van Dam by Paul and Lisa Niebuhr

In loving memeory of Evan Niebuhr ('15) by:

  • Mark and Barb Nieman
  • Lee and Nichole Poder 
  • Bryan and Kelly Dreckman 
  • Brad Dreckman 
  • Curt and Andrea Dreckman 
  • Clint and Steph Dreckman 
  • Bryan and Alyssa Castle 
  • Al & Kimberly Vonnahme
  • Rob & Annette Kuiken
  • Bob & Deb Campbell 

In loving memeory of Tim Dreckman ('73) by: 

  • Maycee Weiler
  • Mark and Barb Nieman 

In loving memory of Larry Woll by:

  •  Margaret Scherrer
  • Brian & Sherri Kraus 
  • William & Patricia Lindoerfer
  • Lynn & Donna Nuebel 

In loving memory of Dave Berkenpas by:

  • Brian and Sherri Kraus
  • Curt and Marlene Sitzmann

In honor of Vi Kellen by:

  • Theresa Allen
  • Eric & Christina Kellen
  • Jeremy & Jackie Sitzmann

In loving memory of Mary Sauer by:

  • Jim & Margie Moir
  • Marvin & Annette Pottebaum
  • Gary & Karen Konz

In loving memory of Rochelle Pecks by:

  • Tom & Deb Loutsch
  • Bob & Deb Campbell
  • Brenda Kolbeck
  • Jeff & Beth Peters

In loving memory of Therese Freking by:

  • Mark & Barb (Kellen, '74) Dreckman-Nieman
  • Paul & Lisa Niebuhr
  • Allan & Marilyn Wendt
  • Robert & Debra Majeres
  • Gene & Lorie Nussbaum
  • Vi Kellen

In loving memory of Fr. Patrick Behm's grandmother by:

  • Paul and Lisa Niebuhr
  • Mark & Barb (Kellen, '74) Dreckman-Nieman

In loving memory of Virginia Colon by Kristi Koopman 

In loving memory of Joe Sauer by James and Margaret Moir 

In loving memory of Gerald Chapman by Vi Kellen

In loving memory of John Shoup by Lois Crane

In loving memory of Howard Mathiesen by Gene & Lorie Nussbaum

In loving memory of Ron Kallsen by:

  • Leroy & Judy Schwarz
  • Gene & Lorie Nussbaum
  • Rob & Annette Kuiken
  • Paul & Lisa Niebuhr

In loving memory of Kaye Kurth by:

  • Thomas Kurth
  • Vi Kellen

Doris Ruhland

In loving memory of Carol Kessenich by:

  • Paul & Lisa Niebuhr
  • Dennis & Patti Bollin
  • AJ & Janelle Tentinger
  • M.R. Tentinger
  • Christopher & Kristin Hausmann
  • Paul & Barb Sitzmann
  • Del & Lori Kellen
  • Kelly & Mark Puhl
  • Elizabeth Hermes
  • Dick Ahlers
  • Neil & Mary Hughes
  • Melissa & Daniel Lehmann
  • Thomas & Laura Kellen
  • Judy Schulz
  • Rick & Mary Kneip
  • Keith & Cathy Popp
  • Andy & Kari Schmidt
  • Steve Mousel
  • Sheila Schulz-Britt
  • Terry & Linda Krei
  • Deluxe Feeds, Inc.
  • Brian & Sherri Kraus
  • Puhl & Associates, PC
  • David L. Updegraff, PC

In loving memory of Rosemary Kurth by Jenita Campbell

In loving memory of Betty Erdmann by Vi Kellen

In loving memory of Ann Puetz by:

  • Paul & Lisa Niebuhr
  • Perspective Insurance 

In loving memory of Danile "Butch" Thiel by Claire Tracey & Family 

In loving memory of Dale Huls by:

  • Lon & Jan Sitzmann 
  • Dan & Lavonne Brownmiller
  • Tim Dreckman Memorial Fund

Tim Dreckman Memorial Fund:

       *Barb (Kellen, '74, Dreckman) & Mark Nieman
*Dan & Cheryl Cronin

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