Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation

Due to the IRS ruling on the State & Local Tax (SALT) Cap Workarounds, the Msgr. Lafferty Tuition Foundation (MLTF) & School Tuition Organization (STO) tax credits are going faster than ever!

As of June 30, 2019, over 29% of the tax credits were "devoured" (purchased).  

Do not let others "scarf down" the tax credits in 2019! 

Consult your professional advisor first!  

Then, call Lisa Niebuhr at 712-541-5226 or 712-546-4181 ext. 237; or Maggie Erdmann at 712-546-4181 ext. 249. 

The tax credits are expected to be gone by late August in 2019.  

Illustration of Tax Benefits - Donation of 25% Tax Bracket*

Any individual, farmer, &/or corporate in the 25% tax bracket who donates $1,000 to MLTF via cash, credit card, commodities, stocks, &/or IRA rollovers can save $900 in tax credits (under SALT cap of $10,000-see attached document from the Iowa Alliance for Choice in Education).

With MLTF                                               Without MLTF

$1,000 Donation                                        $1,000 Donation
$250 may be saved on federal taxes           $250 may be saved on federal taxes  
$650 (65%) state tax credit                         $  50 (5%) state tax credit
$900 = Net Tax Savings                             $300 = Net Tax Savings     

* Represents tax theory prior.  Consult your professional advisor first.  
$100 = Donor cost per $1,000 contribution

Ways You Can Give*:
      - Cash                                                  - Debit & credit cards
      - Grain - minimum of $1,000              - Payment of state quarterly taxes
      - "S" & "C" corporations -               - Stocks & mutual funds
         including partnerships & LLC's           minimum of $1,000 in value
      - IRA Rollovers                               
                                *Available on a first come-first serve basis.

You Can Benefit:
 - By using tax credits this year &/or the next 5 years.
 - Regardless of your religious, school, &/or community affiliation.
 - As long as you have Iowa state tax credit liability.

What is MLTF?

  • In 2006, the Educational Opportunities Act began allowing Iowa tax payers to make a gift to a School Tuition Organization (STO).  Iowa tax payers (prior to August 27, 2018), received an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of the total amount of their gift to MLTF.
  • The total donation may also qualify as charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. 
  • The MLTF awards tuition scholarships to students of qualifying families that attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sioux City. 
  • Anyone can receive this tax credit, Catholics & non-Catholics.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this discussion is intended to be of general nature only.  You should not act on this information without consulting a qualified professional to determine how it may apply to your unique business & personal situation.

MLTF Gift Form

Give Online

2018 MLTF Annual Report.pdf

Thank you from Lisa (Sanny, ‘98) Morris

My 3 children attend Gehlen Catholic:  Jared (11th grade), Trevor (7th grade), & Jenna (6th grade).  I work a full-time job & a part-time job to make ends meet.  As any mother, I want the best for my children.  To me, that means having high quality Catholic education. Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Assistance (MLTF) has made it affordable for me to send my kids to Gehlen Catholic.

I have a very strong faith. I grew up in a household with split religion. My dad was Lutheran & my mom is Catholic, Mildred Sanny (St. Joseph’s Granville, Class of 1961).  She felt it was important to her to send my brother, Jason (‘92), & I to Gehlen Catholic to continue the faith based education she received.  She believed it was essential for us to pray in class & attend weekly student masses. My parents had full-time jobs & several part-time jobs to pay for our tuition. Gehlen Catholic did not have the tuition assistance program then like we do today. 

My children are the 3rd generation in my family to attend Gehlen Catholic.  I find it just as important, like my mom, for my children to be in a school where they receive an excellent academic education, learn about Christ, Gospel values, & sportsmanship, as well as build strong leadership skills.

Without MLTF, my children could not attend Gehlen Catholic due to the cost of the economy, health insurance & tuition rising.  MLTF donors make it possible for families like mine to keep the tradition going & make it affordable for my children to attend Gehlen Catholic School. With the morals & values instilled in me, my children will continue to share & understand the importance of why I wanted them to receive this education.  I hope they will continue this with their children someday.

Thank you for your continued support & donations. I appreciate MLTF’s assistance has graciously given me for my children.  After all, they only have one childhood education.  I want the best for them just as my parents did for me.


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