School Endowment Fund Presents Check for '19-'20 School Year

Gehlen Catholic School Endowment Fund Presents Check for '19-'20 School Year!

Some Things Do Last Forever!

 Gehlen Catholic Endowment Fund Presents Check for 2019-2020 School Year

The saying “Nothing lasts forever.” is proven wrong when you make a gift to an endowed fund.

Ms. Mary Ann Ruether ('63), a retired paraprofessional/bookkeeper, said, “If I give a $10 memorial for a Mass to be said for a deceased family member or friend, the gift is done at the end of Mass.   

“If I give $10 memorial to the Gehlen Catholic School Endowment Fund, the gift lasts for perpetuity!” 

On October 23, 2019, the Gehlen Catholic Endowment Fund’s Trustees presented their disbursement for the '19-'20 school year to Rev. Bruce A. Lawler, Gehlen Catholic President, in the amount of $130,638.00 (see photo below).

Outgoing Chair, Mr. Steve Schuster (’77) explained, “The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to support Gehlen Catholic School with funding from the investments without spending the principle.” 

$2,763,359.90 has been donated to the Endowment Fund since its inception in 1987.  Donations have been made via cash, stocks, bonds, IRA’s, grain and even land. 

“As of September 30, 2019, the total value of the Gehlen Catholic School Endowment Fund is $3,491,610.34. 

“Since the Fund was started in 1987; the Gehlen Catholic School Endowment Fund has invested $2,466,323.14 to the school!” Steve proudly stated. 

Mary Ann shared, “Whether you give $1 or $20 to the Endowment Fund, the amount isn’t the factor! 

“When I make a donation to the Endowment Fund, the benefits are long lasting.  The Endowment Fund is a way in which to ensure generation after generation of Gehlen Catholic students grows in their relationship to Jesus.  I see the benefits of my gifts first hand through the students’ involvement at Masses, participation and promotion of pro-life activities and service projects; as well as the sports teams who pray at the end of the games or performances. 

“I think it is an awesome sight and statement of the precious gift of our Catholic faith!” 

Mary Ann proudly stated she would not be the person she is today without the foundation she received at Gehlen Catholic School. 

 Mary Ann’s parents, Henry and Veronica (Plendl) Ruether, taught her to live her life by example.  She worked hard on the family’s farm.  At the age of 13, Mary Ann’s mom passed away.  Mary Ann devoted her life to caring for her father and brother; helping her mother’s 11 nephews and nieces caring for their children; her aunts and others throughout her life. 

 Mary Ann lives her Catholic faith through her service at All Saints Parish in many capacities include the representative for the Christian Needs Center; the Catholic Daughters-Court Santa Maria 179 in Le Mars, as Past Province Director for the Province of Dubuque; and the National Council of Catholic Women,  where she serves as a member of the National Spirituality Commission. 

Even as a paraprofessional/bookkeeper and now administrative assistant at Rexwinkel Funeral Home, Mary Ann diligently follows the rules and regulations.  “I always use my God given gifts to do things the right way to be my best for the people I serve,” she added. 

 Mary Ann adamantly said, “I want the current and future Gehlen Catholic students to have Jesus as their #1 priority in their lives.  I want them to also know the importance of serving others without having to be paid.  That’s why I donate to the Endowment Fund.”

With Gehlen Catholic’s current needs, Steve has been asked why people should invest in Endowment Fund knowing their gift will not benefit Gehlen Catholic School today but in the future. 

 Steve concluded, “The word is right there ‘FUTURE!’  The Endowment Fund is crucial to the future of Gehlen Catholic. 

“If the Endowment Fund was worth $10 million dollars, the Endowment Fund could contribute almost $500,000 annually to meet the school’s needs – whether salaries, supplies, buildings and grounds, etc. 

“The principle would not be touched and remain there for “FUTURE’ generations.  

“Just imagine how the Endowment Fund would enhance Catholic education of children and grandchildren for years to come!”

The Endowment Fund Trustees presented their annual distribution to Rev. Lawler on October 23.

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